Friday, September 14, 2012

Change of plans... that's the military

43 days till we leave Cheyenne.  Well, that was supposed to have been my post.  Now it's 43 days till we drive to Oregon to return my mother's car, and approx. 92 days until we leave Cheyenne.  We thought we could leave as soon as my husband was done with his training in a couple of other states.  But now, his boss says he needs to come back for a couple of weeks before he will let him go.

Well, this is good news for my daughter.  She is very excited to get more time at her school and with her friends.  However, we are still keeping the house for sale.  So, there is no guarantee that we will have a house for Thanksgiving.  Or a car, or furniture.  But hey!  We have great friends.  Hopefully they will help pitch in to get us by.

I am still trying to find a replacement for my job however, so I will be done working at the end of October.  Which will leave me free to get things done around the house and tie up loose ends.

Our house has been on the market for almost a week.  In three days, they will start showing the house.  Which means, I need to start cleaning and decluttering!  We bought some boxes today, and tomorrow is work, work, work!  I hope we are all feeling 100% and can stay focused.

I am stressed about how the schedule of events for the next few months will fall.  The timing of our car needing to be shipped, when our house will sell, when our furniture and possessions will be shipped.  And then there are the holidays.  My mother will be coming here for Thanksgiving.  However, we might not have furniture.  And then, will we be in Germany or Africa for Christmas?  And will Santa find us?  How am I going to pull THAT last one off?

Prayers are welcome and needed.

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