Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

We are still in Cheyenne.  For possibly, 11 more days.  Why do I say possibly?  Because, even though the movers are scheduled to come in seven days, we still don't have our travel arrangements.  Orders FINALLY came through just after Christmas.  And we were originally supposed to be in Djibouti at the end of November!  But.. Bryce has to be in Germany on the 14th of January.. so that is why we think we'll be leaving the 12th of January.  

Our house has been on the market since September, a
nd we still haven't had one offer.  So.. we still need to sell our house.  Note to self.. don't buy another home until it's the forever home!  I was hoping we could be out of here during Christmas break, but looks like Lilly will go back to school for one more week before we leave.  Our realtor is pretty sure of herself that as soon as all our junk is out of our house, she can stage it and it will show better and we should have an offer before February.  I hope she is right!

I left my job in October.  So, I've been a stay at home mom for a couple months now.  I started my Scentsy business in October as well, and that has kept me occupied.  However, now I'm in limbo.  AKA.. boredom!  My house is pretty much clean all the time.  Can't schedule anymore Scentsy parties.  I can't start any new projects that I won't be able to finish in a week.  Before Christmas, I've decided I want to start quilting for my new hobby (decorative, not necessarily blankets).  So, I can't start that kind of project right now.  But I'm trying to stock up on supplies needed so as soon as it arrives, I can start up some projects.  I could do some more reading, however with a toddler, there is a lot of interruptions.  

Bryce will be leaving tomorrow for Texas to drop off my car that will be shipped overseas.  Thankfully, the person who replaced me at my job has an extra car, and they've been letting us use it ever since Bryce came back from his 5-week training in November.  I've made some pretty amazing friends here in Cheyenne, and it seems I've made even more in the last few months.. and now that we are leaving, its making it harder to say goodbye to all these amazing people.

Sunday, January 6th, is our last Sunday at Grace United Methodist Church.  I don't want to go.  I know I'm going to bawl my eyes out.  And usually I'm pretty good at controlling my emotions, but lately it takes little to nothing to get me to cry.  Lilly's last day at school before Christmas break.. I couldn't stop crying.  She didn't even shed a tear.. and here I was, blubbering uncontrollably.   And I'm not as close to those people as I am to people at church, so I know church is going to be even worse!  But, Lilly loves her school.  So many great people there as well.  She doesn't want to leave.  But she has been handling everything pretty well.  So far, at least.  Bribery has helped.  But Sunday, I will come armed with a huge box of tissues.. sit in the back so not everyone is staring at me.  However, everyone will see how bad I am after church.. where Rev. Sandi is throwing a reception for our family.

Even though it will be sad to leave everyone, I am ready for the next step.  We should be spending a week and a half in Germany, and I'm hoping over the weekend we can visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.  The castle that the Cinderella castle in Disney was inspired by.  I'm sure most of our visit will be trying to adjust the girls to the time change, so I don't have any other plans of things to do during our visit.  And Bryce will be working most of the time anyway.  So, who knows what will be in store for this month.  

The biggest thing I'm not looking forward to, will be travelling with pets.  Not just one dog, but two.  And then a wiggly toddler on an international flight on top of that.  Luckily, Lilly has been on an international flight before.  But, I've never had to fly with dogs before, so it will be a new experience for all of us.  So, keeping Emma occupied, and not knowing how the dogs are doing down in the baggage compartment.. it will be an interesting trip.  But.. luckily, I handle these types of things really well.  But.. we'll see how all of us together handle it!

We've had snow on the ground since Christmas Eve.  23 degrees in Cheyenne at 2:29pm.  And at 12:29am on January 2nd in Djibouti, 75 degrees.  Bring on the warmth!  I'm ready for sandals again.

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