Thursday, June 20, 2013

Decan Cheetah Refuge

In Djibouti, this place is considered the "zoo".  This refuge was built based on this cheetah.  She was chained in front of a restaurant for quite some time as a pet, and a veterinarian came and rescued it.  All animals were obtained in Djibouti.

DECAN (DECouvrir et Aider la Nature - Discover and Help Nature)




Leopard Tortoise

Apparently, these cheetah's were found in Djibouti.  And the reason you don't see cheetah's very often in Djibouti, is because the police kill them as soon as they see them.  

At first we though these were antelope and we were back in Cheyenne.. but these are gazelles.  Do you like how they stand up to eat in the tree?

This place is run entirely by volunteers.  Some of them sleep here too.  This sitting area has a view of the cheetah habitat.  Their living quarters have open walls, at least a breeze can come through.  But I wouldn't want to sleep here when the wind and dust storms come.

I didn't get a good shot of the lions.  And we didn't get to see all of the animals, as they are working on some of the habitats.  But I'm sure we will be back in the winter, when it's only in the cool 80's, instead of in the high 90's like it was the day we visited in May.

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